If you ride or have ridden on a motorcycle you have had a two-wheeled experience.  Whether you liked it or not  - well done! Motorcycles are more than just a means of transport to the motorcyclist. A motorcycle is an extension of the person riding it, and from the moment you climb aboard an adventure begins.  Every adventure is different and (in the main) enjoyable, but the endings can be unpredictable sometimes. This book is about many of the adventures I have had on two wheels including the ones that did not end well. Nevertheless, all were great life learning opportunities. Who would have thought that a motorcycle could be an instrument of learning, a sort of outdoor classroom? I continue to ride and I learn more during every adventure I have. Let the good times roll! 

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ISBN:  978-0-578-47170-9

24 bikes in 3.5 Minutes

The Gifted Amateur Part 1; Life in the Military, is about me as a young lad growing up in a small Welsh mining village with aspirations of moving away to join the military and to see the world. A career that almost ended soon after it had begun. Setbacks and disappointments are all part of life's journey. In between these low points are some pretty awesome moments with the opportunity to have some fun. Both peaks and troughs are all life learning moments and frame my decision thought process going forward. I don't always get things right, but I always do my best at everything I do. Sometimes with and sometimes without training, I will give it go. After all, that's what makes me a Gifted Amateur. 

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