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  • Nigel M Sainsbury

Feeling Grateful to be Able to Ride

I had a free day today. No family commitments, no household chores, no work to complete - nothing. The sun was shining through the little cloud cover we had and the weather forecast was good. The outside temperature was sitting around 30C (86F). My Triumph T120 was itching to take me out for a coffee so I could decide where to go for a ride in these near perfect conditions. We skipped the coffee, gassed up and almost exactly eight hours later we were back home having covered over 245 miles. I had no idea where were we going and still dont know exactly where we went other than we crossed the state line into West Virginia a few times, found the bike dealership (purely by accident) where I bought my first KLR650, had a bit to eat in a random cafe, gassed up a second time and had an ice cream somewhere. Point is we had a great day together. I feel really grateful that I was able to do this today. Sometimes, all you need to do is ride........

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