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  • Nigel M Sainsbury

The Negative Advertising Affect

Over the last three months, I have been considering placing an advertisement on Facebook or Google or renting some space in an online magazine or some other published periodical to promote my book. Throughput my research and browsing, I noticed that many of the pop-up advertisements, snap videos and other advertising distractions were repetitive. Not only is this irritating, I realized that many of these products and services were having a negative effect on my choices. So much so, that I would actively avoid purchasing these products and services as a direct result of their advertising campaigns, even if they were competitive. I wondered if I was the only one who thought like this? Psychologically, there has to be a finite amount of time you can bombard someone with advertising material before it starts to have a negative effect. Not an outcome you see the advertising agencies promote. It got me thinking - perhaps I will leave the advertising for my book a little while longer.......

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