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  • Nigel M Sainsbury

Bikes, Cars, Breakfast, Coffee & Chat!

Between 6am until 9am every Saturday morning people who have a passion for cars and/or bikes descend onto Great Falls, Virginia for Breakfast and Coffee. The venue is only 15 miles away and I had agreed to meet up with a bike collector who said he would be at the venue today with his vintage Ducati 900. These awesome pieces of engineering just seem to come out of the woodwork and were from 1911 to 2019. There must have been over 200 vehicles coming and going over the three hours. At a guess the net worth of vehicles in the multiple car parks would have been tens of $M. The Rolls Royce was for sale. A real bargain at $140,000. Many cars were local, but some had come back from the future. The modified Yamaha XS850 even had a working flux capacitor fitted! Who would have thought!


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