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  • Nigel M Sainsbury

Book Shops, Coffee & Conversation

Over the last two weekends, I held a couple of book signings. What was different this time were the venues. These were not your normal biker hang out venues so the stories and conversations were very different. Topics ranged from European literature, English history and the monarchy to the war in Afghanistan. It never fails to amaze me the stories that people like to share - whilst supporting my book of course. This weekend has been an education for me. Thank you to my family, friends and to the many complete strangers who make these book signing events such special occasions. You meet all sorts of people who ride bikes at biker meet-ups. Well, it would appear a similar eclectic mix of people also occupy coffee shops and book stores. Thanks to Joe at the Starnut Cafe, McLean, VA and Scarlet at my local Barnes and Noble Book Store at Fairfax Corner, VA for sharing your venues.

The guy in the Santa Cruz tee shirt is Patrick Lacy. Pat is also an author and resident expert on Elvis Presley. Check out his book: Elvis Decoded ISBN 978-1-4259-5590-8.

Patrick also happens to be my Brother-In-Law.

The last photo is a very special lady. Yep, its my wonderful wife!

Getting ready for the rush....

Coffee and stories

This guy is Patrick Lacy  - check out his book on Elvis; Elvis Decoded ISBN 978-1-4259-5590-8

At the end.....thank you everyone

Love this lady to bits.......

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