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  • Nigel Sainsbury

A 1973 Honda CB350F Changes Hands for the First Time after 47 years

It was mid-summer 1973, when a 34-year old Pennsylvanian man, Lee Mack, was enticed by his two cousins into the Honda Dealership in Altoona, Pennsylvania. His cousins already had motorcycles, each a Honda CB350F Four. They really wanted Lee to buy a bike so that he could go riding with them during the long summer days. Lee had never ridden a bike before, and in 1973 there was no need to undertake a test; you just bought a license. He conceded and bought the Bacchus Olive Green CB350F Four that was sat gleaming in the showroom window. The purchase price was just under $1300. Fast forward 47 years and the bike has travelled just 22534 miles, has yet to experience a rainstorm and has always been shiny side up. The bike has only been ridden by Lee and his Honda mechanic. On 5th September 2020, I become the second owner and third person to ride this bike. The title was dated 25 March 1974 and still carried Lee's name. Apart from a trip into the adjacent state of Maryland, the bike has remained in Pennsylvania. The bike now resides in Virginia alongside its Italian, British and Japanese siblings. Last night I thought I could hear the bike weeping. After 47 years it's hard to make the break. I suspect Lee will be missing his trusted stead too. After all, Lee has only ever ridden one bike in his life; the CB350F. It was his first and only motorcycle. However, it won't be long before the Honda gets used to its new surrounds, its second owner and rider and its motorcycle siblings. If I reach Lee's age at 82 and still own the bike, I still would have owned it less than half the time he did!



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