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  • Nigel Sainsbury

It Never Gets Boring

It never gets boring. The Sunday morning ride into Clifton, Virginia on the 2nd Sunday of the month brings together a real eclectic mix of people and of course motorcycles. If the weather is good, then the turnout is normally incredible. Today was one of those days 73F (23c), sun shining, and low humidity set the stage for a perfect event. With a raffle for a new set of tires from Brooks Cycles, quite a few hung around until the end. For me, it was an opportunity to introduce the new addition to the family, my 1973 Honda CB350F Four. I was not disappointed; it certainly got the attention of quite a few people. There were at least half a dozen bikers who had one exactly like mine back in the day and loved talking about their own adventures on this vintage four-cylinder bike. There were many more (younger) people who just wanted to know if the bike really was only 350cc, before engaging in a conversation about the heritage of these Japanese fours. I must have taken over 50 pictures today but will keep it to many of the classics that were on show today along with a few 'different' bikes. My little Honda parked next to the hugely customized Harley with a 30inch wheel, made the 350 look more like a starter motor in comparison. The old Kawasaki Z1 was an absolute beauty and looked a much nicer machine than the modern-day equivalent (in my humble opinion). Nevertheless, once again, doesn’t matter what you ride, everyone is there to enjoy the Bikes and Breakfast and of course the company that goes with it. Well over three hundred bikes today. A great way to start the day! The entertainment music video at the end is courtesy of.....another Harley of course!



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