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  • Nigel Sainsbury

What to do when you are not contracting or consulting.

When I set up my LLC in Virginia, USA in April 2017, I had just recovered from a motorcycle accident in Australia. During the 8 months I was rehabilitating, I was inspired by a dear friend who lost his life through cancer to write my autobiography for my children. The writing bit was just one element of the experience. I must have spent 100s of hours researching events, times and places with 100s of hours more sifting through documents, photographs and just talking to people who shared many of the same memories. Finally, formatting and structuring the autobiography into a proper book remains work in progress, but hopefully I will complete it before December 2019. It was through this writing experience that I reflected on my life and realized that there was at least another book in me. A book on motorcycles. So, when I am not contracting or consulting I write. Writing is a great pastime. It invigorates your mind, you learn new things and you are constantly improving your writing skills. Finally, its a great way to share your life experiences to others. It is a very rewarding pastime indeed.

My First Book due April 2019

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